• We are a locally owned lawn mowing business located on the Sunshine Coast,Acreage Lawn Mowing

     We provide the latest Mowers for a fast and reliable service, maintaining Residential and Commercial Acreage Lawns and Gardens.
    Keep your lawn looking immaculate with Sunshine Coast Affordable Acreage Mowing in the listed areas of the Sunshine Coast, we will remove the hassle and give you back your leisure time on  weekends.
    We  provide regular lawn mowing services  on an ongoing basis, we take care of those one-off jobs. A well maintained lawn not only looks great, it is also safer for your home and family – particularly on the Sunshine Coast during the warmer months of the year. We also do brush cutter work to finish  off around the property if required. We understand everybody has different budgets to work with, we work within your budget options to meet your needs.
    Our Lawn mowing service comes to you at your premises be it home or business, at a time that suits you,
    we service all of your yard requirements.
    Ride on mowers Tractor slashers and Zero turn mowers can cut an acre in quick time ,employing the  right machinery is far more cost effective than doing it yourself, Justin from Affordable Acreage Mowing will do the job right.

    Our goal is to always provide a value for money service on the Sunshine Coast.

    All lawn areas are carefully mowed with our own equipment and all lawn clippings removed, we pride ourselves in complete maintenance of your lawns.

     Sunshine Coast Lawn Mowing Equipment 

    • Large residential blocks, 
    • Vacant Blocks,
    • Residential Acreage,
    • Commercial Acreage,
    • Farmlets/Hobby Farms.
    • Brush Cutter Work
    • Woodchipping
    • Garden Maintenance
    •   Extra Care:
      We sharpen our machine blades daily to give your lawn the absolute cleanest cut possible.
      We have custom  packages to fit your needs and budget.
       We happily provide services to all of the Sunshine Coast Areas.

      We provide a:

      • Free no-obligation quote

      • Full commercial public liability

      • Quality & Reliability Guaranteed

    Contact us today for a free quote!

  • A wood chipper is a great way to clean up that mess that comes with having a block full of trees and shrubs, as nice as it is to have them. Especially true during high-wind and storm seasons when tree branches come down.
     It takes lot of labour and time to load trailers then unload trailers at land fill site (tip), not to mention the cost of tip fees $$$
    1 x hour of wood chipping is the equivalent of 2 to 3 tandem trailer loads 10 x 6, this will vary depending on how the marital has been stacked and the distance from the chipper. Our machinery is well maintained to produce a quality mulch product. To keep your property neat and tidy, mulch is chipped directly to our tipping bin mounted behind the wood chipper.  When we have finished the job, the mulch is yours to keep, free of charge, or we can cart it away.

    Wood chipper minimum charge 1 hour $75                                                                                                                                                                          
    1 x person $75 per hour (chipper)
    2 x persons $90 per hour (chipper)
    Don’t Tip it Chip it
    Small Tree work
    Tree pruning (up to 6 meters)
    Chainsaw work (fire wood etc)
    Green Waste chipped on site (the mulch is yours to keep, or we can remove of site)

    Wood Chipper verses Tip run

    Chipper $90 1 x hour - 2x persons
    Tip $90 and you working all day
    See Details below
    Chipper cost  2 x person $90 per hour
    1 x hour x 2 persons $90 would equal 2 to 3 tandem trailer loads 10 x 6
    The above will vary depending on how the marital has been stacked and the distance from the chipper.
    Tip (land fill)
    Loading 2  to 3 tandem loads
    Unloading 2 to 3 tandem loads
    Re-turn trips to the tip (time)
    Tip fees 3 x loads (tandem) $90 total (Tewantin land fill prices)
    Possible trailer hire???
    Car running cost???
    Time lost (best part of the day)